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Paul's Jaguar took it upon themselves to Modify a Jaguar center console that I had ordered.When I returned it to be corrected, Paul's Jaguar Spliced a piece of leather on it instead of providing a Professionally recovered console.

Paul's Jaguar customer service is the worst I have experienced in a long time. They offer no apologies and make you feel like you did something wrong. Paul's Jaguar was given an opportunity to address the issue and Paul's Jaguar decided to minimize their costs and take short cuts. The result was a very dissatisfied customer.

Paul's Jaguar needs to rethink their customer service attitude and treat every customer like they were their best customer. Paul's Jaguar needs to remember...

Customer Service is everything!I would think twice before buying from Paul's Jaguar!

Monetary Loss: $650.

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I have no idea why this guy is complaining, I have delt with a Pauls and those guys are A1 in there service.


I recently purchased a 1990 XJS and Jeremy from Paul's spent several phone calls with me talking me out of spending money!I have now dealt with numerous Jag parts places, and I can assure ANYONE that Paul's is the BEST!

Hey NECAR, get a clue!

No one gives better service than Paul's!:)


What a crock, this complaining guy must be on drugs!Just like dozens of XJS owners all over the web, I've been going back to Paul's Jaguar since the early 1980's when he was in California - same great cheery service with the finest quality XJS parts not sometimes, but EVERY time.

Try as you will, you'll never please every customer, so maybe this is 'the one' who will never appreciate what you guys do for us.:)

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #230637

:) For new Jaguar XJS seat covers in real leather, nobody came close to Paul's Jaguar - wonderful quality, attentive, courteous service - just the BEST people to conduct anything Jaguar related with - Thank you Paul's Jaguar, and a Happy New Year!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #226044

This guy is sure right when he says customer service is everything, which is something Paul's Jaguar must have picked up on years ago.I understand that Paul himself is now less involved in day to day operations, but whoever you get on the phone down there advises me in a very personal and professional manner, plus their collective Jaguar XJS and XJ6 knowledge is legendary.

Thanks for being there for me so often.Merry Christmas Guys, Geoff Taylor.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #226033

;) PLEASE Paul's jaguar, don't listen to this complainer.You have the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I've ever experienced in 40 years of collecting Jags.

Keep up the same great service and don't change anything.Happy Holidays to Jag owners everywhere, Walt.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #219985

:) Pauls Jag just recoverd the center console for my 1996 XJS and it is 100% perfect. I contacted them as so many owners praised their leather work in lots of the on-line chatrooms, and their customer service was even better than I expected. THANK YOU PAULS JAGUAR!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #212143

:) Had loads of dealings with Pauls Jaguar in Florida for years and years.Same fabulous service, not just sometimes but EVERY TIME!

I've bought seat covers, ball joints, a steering rack and a car wood set this year alone for my Jag, and as ever Pauls Jaguar continue to offer the best service to Jaguar owners bar none - that's my 2 cents, Scott.{1989 XJS Coupe}

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #210145

We've owned Jaguars for many years and have happy customers of Pauls Jaguar for just as long.They recently recovered our center console section in Connolly leather we had sent them from our 1993 XJS.

Super quality work as always, without modifications! My husband did notice that the new covering was designed in such a way that it prevented the leather from bunching under the clock at the front end - nice touch, which he said made the refitting much easier than it might have been.

The best customer service again from Pauls Jaguar - keep up the great work, Diana and Jeremy.Best, Linda.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #207983

You want to hear about customer service from Paul's Jaguar, so try to beat this!A few years back I was getting real frustrated tying to put in new wood in my XJS.

So on Sunday afternoon I leave a message at Pauls Jaguar looking for help, with me hoping to get called back sometime on Monday if I'm lucky. Anyways, within 5 minutes they get back to me on the same Sunday, and spend what must have been at least 30 minutes on the phone trying to guide me through installing the new wood around the shifter before we both give up on it. Unremarkable? Service you'd expect right?

Not at all, because right from the start I told Jeremy at Pauls that I'D BOUGHT THE WOOD FROM SOMEONE ELSE ON EBAY, so it wasn't even wood from Pauls Jaguar! Never forgotten how great they were not just that Sunday, but every time I've called since. As for my shifter wood, of course I got the real deal from Paul's Jaguar that fitted like a glove.

At a time when people are more ready to complain than compliment, I enjoy telling any Jag owner that Pauls Jaguar have the best customer service hands down, even for non-customers as I was.Ed.

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